# Manage users

Authing uses user pools to isolate users. Each user pool has a completely independent user directory. You can use the console and API to manage users in two ways.

User information saved by Authing can come from multiple sources, including third-party identity sources (LDAP, AD, SAML, corporate WeChat, etc.), social login (WeChat, GitHub, etc.), as well as email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

User Information introduces the meaning of each field of the Authing user object.

Authentication Token introduces the management and verification methods of Authing user login credentials (Token).

Custom Field Introduce how to use custom fields to add user information that does not come with Authing.

Import and export users Introduce how to migrate users to Authing and how to export users.

Search User Introduce how to search for users using the console and API.

Manage user life cycle Introduce the complete life cycle that an end user may experience.

Use the Dashboard Introduce how to use the Authing console to manage users.

Use API Management Introduce how to use API to manage users.