# Alipay (PC) login

# Preparation work

You need to prepare the following in total:

  1. Register an Authing developer account
  2. Apply for a registered Alipay application
  3. Fill in the Alipay application information in the Authing console

# Apply to register for Alipay application

Go to Alipay Open Platform (opens new window) to register the Alipay application, you need to follow the instructions of this page (opens new window) A pair of RSA2 key pair, the private key is kept properly, and the public key is submitted to Alipay in exchange for the Alipay public key.

Please make sure that the "Get Member Information" function is turned on.

# Fill in the Alipay application information in the Authing console

Find Alipay on the Connect Identity Source -> Social Login page of the Authing console:

Fill in your Alipay application information here:

-AppID (application ID): You can get it in Management Center-My Application List (opens new window).

-AlipayPID (usually a number starting with 2088): You can get it on the Account Center-Main Account Management (opens new window) page.

-AppPrivateKey: The application private key generated in the previous step.

# Next

After the configuration is complete, you can start to formally integrate social login into your system. Authing social login supports four access methods: using JavaScrit SDK, using Guard for Web login form component, using Authing online login page As with manually calling the social login interface, for the applicable scenarios and advantages and disadvantages of each method, please refer to: Social Login Access Guide.